The Grinch who stole from the G-men

Dec. 20, 2013

Public Forum:

On this mild winter day of Dec. 18 at roughly 6:05 a.m., I taped a holiday card onto one of my garbage carts. This card was addressed to "G-Men" for the crew who collect our garbage (Waste Management). It contained a monetary token of appreciation for the crew.

I walked back into my house on South Packard Avenue to continue getting ready for work. As I exit my driveway about 6:25 a.m., I noticed that the card was no longer taped to the cart. I got out of my vehicle to look around to see if by chance it blew off, but nothing was on the ground nearby nor was there any trace of the envelope in the gutter, on a snow bank, etc. Additionally, there was absolutely NO wind today to speak of!

Now I question myself, have the garbage men ever received my gift of gratitude from the previous years? For those of us that are gracious and continue to have heart, please continue on because what comes around goes around.

To the selfish person who may have taken something that was clearly for someone else with the intention of bringing joy to those individuals during the holiday season ...I want you to understand that your dishonesty has not gone unnoticed. It has spoiled the intention I had to bring a bit of joy to those who are most appreciative and do deserve a little something extra for their effort. My collection crew is diligent and hard working and I wanted to recognize them for their efforts. However, now it seems that someone less so has spoiled that for those who truly deserve it.

The Swanson Family

St. Francis

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