Little Library is for literacy, not proselytizing

Nov. 5, 2012

Public Forum:

Our Free Little Library faces a pretty, tree-lined avenue in South Milwaukee. Since early summer it has been a brief meeting place for neighbors to exchange books and build a sense of community. My wife lovingly tends the little library, making sure the books are organized and separated by reading level. Recently, however, this library has been a source of consternation.

Religious leaflets are being secretly planted inside the colorful home for books, warning of impending doom and a one-way ticket to hell. This proliferation of dogma has caused concern in our little community whose children often exchange books and confront these worrisome messages of fear.

My wife has posted signs on the library, asking that people refrain from the sharing of religious beliefs. She asks that the library be used as it was intended: to promote the literacy and the love of reading. My wife's signs are removed and the proliferation of fear continues.

I am reaching out to the individuals that feel compelled to share their beliefs, to do so in their own homes or places of worship, and not to take advantage of our little free library as a means to proselytize people in our community.

John Nuck

South Milwaukee

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